Seeking to climb the road to digital success, sports nutrition brand Sterrenstof picked Wild Digital to make its branding fit seamlessly to the wishes of its audience. To help boost sales and fuel its growth ambitions, they need a new digital home with a flawless online shopping experience. With E-Commerce adoption propelled to new highs since the pandemic, it's more important than ever to differentiate your brand from the competition. Enter, Branded Commerce.

Sterrenstof is a sports nutrition brand full of energy, just like its two founders. The company first launched a pre-workout sports supplement and now boasts a large line of products, such as protein powders, weight management supplements, and vitamins. Motivating and inspiring people to achieve their fitness goals. They are motivators that push you to the limits of your physical capability. However, the company experienced a shift in its main target group since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Product demand has changed with people having to adapt their exercise routines due to restrictions. The brand’s rapid growth and rise in popularity have created momentum for a new course in its growth trajectory—becoming a leading sports nutrition brand in the Netherlands.

Sterrenstof is looking to build on its tremendous success and take its E-Commerce platform to the next level. To do so, it has selected Wild Digital as its partner to establish trust and create loyal customers with Branded Commerce. Simply put, we'll help Sterrenstof communicate its brand value through a clear narrative and eye-catching identity design. Fusing branding with commerce creates a shopping experience where visitors really connect with the brand. To empower its growth ambitions, we will start collecting valuable data through a customer survey to find out what they need and value when shopping at Sterrenstof. The results function as guidelines for the brand concept. We listen, we design, we create. Sterrenstof will be ready to build valuable customer relationships and shoot into the next growth phase by the end of the project phase. We cannot wait to launch the missile of this exciting project.

The professionalism, drive and enthusiasm of the team at Wild Digital made us believe that they were the perfect partner for our ambitious goals!

Claas de Hollander, Co-Founder at Sterrenstof