As the largest vocational educational institution in West Brabant, Curio offers teachers the tools and resources they require to provide students with a good learning environment. To further their efforts, they turned to Wild digital. Together, we will create a digital hub for teachers which prioritises the user experience by making information accessible. Facilitating life-long learning in the process.

Remote learning is no longer uncommon, but finding the best way to teach classes online remains a challenge. This is where educational institute Curio brings in blended learning, a mix of online and on-site education. Their platform offers materials for teachers who are eager to add interactive elements to their classes. Now, Curio only needs a structured platform to showcase it on.

To provide this structure and a flawless user experience, Curio needs a hub with a well-thought-out overview of information. A platform where teachers can easily access educational materials, creating a seamless off- and online learning environment for students. Wild Digital will research and come up with a clear information architecture that prioritises the user experience. Enabling teachers to find what they need quickly and giving CurioÔÇÖs educational content the podium it deserves.

"We expect to see all fragmented information and tools concerning digital didactics and blended learning easily and attractively accessible"

Mariska Dijke, Education & Innovation at Curio