Face with the task of scaling up its brand and website for the next growth phase, Doijer & Kalff approached Wild Digital to update its brand strategy and positioning and redesign its new website accordingly. The briefing was simple; a next-level brand, website & E-Commerce platform. They wish to be seen as a market leader, a trustworthy partner with a transparent and straightforward process—a precious metals broker available to all, from small-time investors to high rollers.

Founded in 1825, Doijer & Kalff is a small-scale independent bank and dealer in precious metals such as gold and silver, emphasising reliable, confidential, and safe investments. Nearly a century later, in 2010, private equity and investment firm Landlane Capital acquired the bank and assisted with restructuring its business model and rolling out its new growth strategy in the Benelux. Part of that restructuring included implementing a client portal and webshop that has since bolstered its status as one of the leading industry players.

However, since then, the digital landscape and influence of branding and website design on consumer behaviour and decision-making have significantly changed. According to SWEOR, 75% of users' judge a company's credibility on the website's design, with 46% of users' leaving a website when the value proposition isn't clear. These two factors are crucial given Doijer & Kalff's existing website design and the fact that their brand story, values and USP aren't highlighted on the website. Wild Digital will help Doijer & Kalff renew its brand and visual identity, align the new website's visual design with the updated brand strategy and become Doijer & Kalff's high-level design partner for future challenges.

“We were impressed with Wild Digital's level of experience and professionalism, but more importantly, they're an approachable team with a quick and easy communication style. That's what makes a good partnership and what we were looking for.”

Corné van Drogenbroek, Founder of Doijer & Kalff