Intro Personeel approached Wild Digital to update its website design by tailoring its user experience to job seekers. They match talented professionals with ambitious employers and need a website redesign that matches their newly set growth objectives. The goal is to create a user-centred, innovative and professional-looking digital experience, setting a new standard for employment agencies. The project is set to start with a digital & UX strategy workshop beginning September.

Founded in 2006 and operating as part of the De Florys Group, Intro Personeel specialises in Staffing & Recruiting, connecting employers with employees and helping talented professionals have a flourishing career. What started as a small office next to the windmills of Kinderdijk has now grown into a chain of ten branches, including one office in Romania, counting 49 members of staff. Their attention to people and focus on development makes them a key industry playerÔÇöacting as a partner in personal and organisational growth and development, keeping people and companies moving forward.

With the company flourishing, their need for an updated website and tailored user experience became apparent. An inspiring website that genuinely reflects your brand with a compelling storyline and design can help you convince new customers, bolster credibility and claim your leadership role. And that's precisely what Intro Personeel is looking for. A fresh and innovative look and feel, with a logic layout and compelling storyline to reach its full potential. Wild Digital will help Intro Personeel achieve digital and organisational growth with an updated website design. One that communicates and conveys the vision, mission, values and qualities of Intro Personeel to visitors, customers and the market. With a smart user experience design, encouraging interaction and improving conversions.

We'll kick things off with a Sprint 0 to set the direction and determine the project roadmap. Followed by Production and Implementation Sprints to align the Intro Personeel website redesign with newly set growth objectives. Read more about how we work here.

We came across Wild Digital while searching for a website concept. One that represents our core ideology and covers Intro Personeel's story. Without a doubt, we expect a beautiful partnership in which we combine our industry knowledge with the expertise of Wild Digital.

Richard Kooy, Online Marketing Specialist at Florys Groep