We’re pleased to welcome Edwin, an experienced Creative Developer, to the Wild Digital team. He joined in July 2021 and has already helped with three different client projects since then. However, Edwin wasn’t always a Developer, in fact, he did quite the dramatic career switch three years ago. Check out his journey and how he ended up working at Wild.

How did you land a role at Wild Digital?

Back in 2019, Hans and I worked at the same agency, and after we both left, we kept in touch. Before joining Dept Agency, I worked on a freelance project for Wild Digital with Hans, and it was a great success. So when I was looking for another challenge in my career, it only seemed natural to join Wild.

How did you start working as a Developer?

I’ve enjoyed making website designs since I was a teenager. After finding out you could also convert those designs into working websites, I was intrigued. From then on, I started making and owning a few websites, from informational websites to a full-fledged webshop. However, this was never more than a hobby for me until my brother-in-law suggested applying for a job as a Developer at the agency he was working at.

What were you doing before you joined Wild Digital?

Before launching my career as a Developer, I used to work as a florist for almost ten years. Even though it’s really different from the work I’m doing right now, I really enjoyed it. Every customer interaction and wishes were different. On the same day, I could help someone that was overjoyed pick out flowers for their wedding and find myself comforting someone while they choose flowers for the funeral of a loved one. 

What does your day usually look like?

No two days are similar at Wild. But generally speaking, I begin the morning by reviewing yesterday’s work and seeing what code is ready for submission per project. After our daily standup, I will tackle the most difficult task on my to-do list. Often that means developing a complex or technical feature. I also chat a lot with our design team to make sure everything they are creating is possible from a development perspective. But every day is different. Some days I have more meetings, while other days mostly revolve around programming.

What do you like best about your work?

This may sound a bit dreamy, but I find programming to be a form of art. I get to use my creativity and problem-solving capacity every day to deliver websites that are used by thousands of people. Solving a problem while programming is just one of the best feelings ever—it gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment! Developing is a lot like solving puzzles. The harder the puzzle is, the greater the sense of accomplishment.

If you weren't a developer, what would you be doing?

I’ve always been fascinated by how food and exercise affect the human body. Before covid-19, I used to enjoy working out and was quite competitive about it too! Getting stronger each gym session was really addicting. Combining this with always wanting to help other people, I could see myself having become a personal trainer or something similar. 

Another possibility would be to join an e-sport team as I’m very competitive. However, I think I’m a bit too old now to join a team, but being a coach or part of a team of analysts also sounds amazing!

If you are interested and would like to ask Edwin a question, feel free to email him at edwin@wild-digital.com. Or connect with him on LinkedIn

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