We've recently welcomed a new Front-End Developer to the Wild Digital team, meet Emma. Having only just completed her first month with us, Emma has certainly settled into the team well! Working together with the design team, she's currently building up her first project while enjoying the odd bit of Dunglish banter in-between. Her gentle nature and 'Queen's English' pronunciation make her an integral part of our studio culture. Check out her journey so far into the creative industry.

How did you land a role at Wild Digital?

I started a front-end development traineeship with PXL Widgets, who introduced me to Wild Digital. The traineeship involves a couple of months of training, and then you are placed at a partner company to utilise those skills. Luckily I have the opportunity to work with Wild Digital! It's a really good way of kickstarting a career switch, as you have all the support and training you need.

What were you doing before you joined Wild Digital?

Before joining Wild Digital, I lived in London and worked as an E-Commerce Trading Manager for the retail brand Topshop. Following my fascination with web development's creative and technical aspects, I enrolled in the Web Development bootcamp with Ironhack in Amsterdam. Ironhack is an intensive 9-week bootcamp where you are trained to be a Front-End Developer. It was a really steep learning curve and made me realise I wanted to specialise in front-end, which is why I then signed up for the PXL Widgets Traineeship to focus on this area.

How did you start working as a Front-End Developer? Why the switch from E-Commerce to Development?

I used to work very closely with developers in my previous career. And I started to get fascinated by the fact that you could create and see anything that you wanted to appear on a digital screen simply by writing a few lines of code! I love how you can be creative but also technical at the same time. I'd suddenly find myself daydreaming about making a career switch and finally decided to make the change when I moved to the Netherlands last Summer. So far, I'm loving it. It's an amazing feeling to create something from scratch, which people can interact with and use.

If you weren't a Front-End Developer, what would you be doing?

I'd be travelling and eating my way around the world! I'm always thinking about my next meal. Combining this with exploring new places and meeting new people would be incredible! Before the pandemic, I was lucky enough to visit some unique countries, including New Zealand—one of the highlights was skydiving above Lake Taupō. However, my favourite countries have to be Brazil and Argentina, where I stayed for a month. It was just before the 2014 Football World Cup, which meant it was an incredible experience, with the city buzzing with excitement! The Dulce de Leche and Acai bowls were delicious.

Where are you from? And how did you end up here in the Netherlands?

I am originally Irish—I was born and lived in Dublin for a few years, and then because of my parents work, I moved to England. Since then, I've lived in Surrey (county, South East of London) and, most recently, London for the past five years. At the time, moving to London seemed like the natural choice as I've grown up with it on my doorstep. Plus, my friends from school and Leeds University—where I studied Philosophy and Sociology for three years—(very different to Web Development, I know) moved there. After a few years, I started thinking that I'd love to experience living and, of course, working abroad and decided to take the leap last year. The Netherlands was my number one choice because I've loved it every time I visited. The country is beautiful, the people are friendly, and I really enjoy cycling everywhere! I'm now living in Amsterdam, but equally, I'm really enjoying getting to know Rotterdam too.
I'm looking forward to exploring the country even more when things open up again.

How about outside the office, what do you get up to?

I love music—growing up, I played the piano, which I still like to play in my spare time. I also really enjoy discovering new music and going to festivals with friends. My favourite festival has to be Glastonbury. Every year 200,000 people arrive at this farm in the English countryside to see amazing acts and what's really special is there is something for quite literally everyone. I've been twice, and I still feel like I haven't scratched the surface! I also really enjoy going to festivals abroad - Outlook and Unknown in Croatia were definitely a highlight! You can't beat dancing to your favourite music with your friends on the beach.

If you are interested and would like to ask Emma a question. Feel free to email her at emma@wild-digital.com. Or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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