We’re excited to introduce you to Livia - our content writing expert. Since May 2021, she’s been working with our team of designers, absorbing the knowledge they have to offer and turning that into high-quality content. She covers lots of work in little hours with her no-nonsense attitude and critical mindset. Check out her journey and how she ended up freelancing for Wild Digital!

How did you start working as a freelancer?

I never expected to become a freelancer. In fact, I used to tell people I would never do it because of the amount of paperwork and admin involved. And look at me now! I’m a freelancer and love the freedom that comes with it. 

In fact, it’s by collaborating with Wild Digital that I decided to take that step in my career. We were working together on an ad-hoc basis when Will introduced me to another client that needed new website copy. One thing led to another, both brands needed my help and I just fell into the freelancing life.

Do you have tips for aspiring freelancers?

Don’t let the paperwork bring you down! The administration is not as scary as it may sound so it’s possible to get the hang of it quickly. And you get so much in return. From choosing what you want to work on to the flexibility, it’s a fantastic feeling. So I would stop doubting and take that leap! But do check tax regulations and laws before registering officially 😉

Where are you from? And how did you end up here in the Netherlands?

It’s been quite a journey actually. I was born in France and lived there for twelve years before moving to the States. After spending seven years there and living for a year in Canada, I moved to the Netherlands for my studies. I studied International Fashion Management in Amsterdam and ended up staying as I got a job offer from Dept Agency upon graduation that I couldn’t refuse. The rest is history!

What's the best thing about working at Wild Digital so far?

One of the aspects I love about the company is the incredible in-house expertise available at Wild. Hearing the designers talk about a field I know little about is very cool! And all this knowledge about design makes me look at elements differently. An enormous amount of work went into so many things we interact with. Someone had to design that, you know!

I also enjoy the opportunities I’ve had at Wild. Whenever there’s a new project or initiative that appeals to me, I am given the space to develop myself and discover a new field of interest. For example, I am now working on our website’s SEO which has enabled me to grow professionally.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m quite active. So outside of work, I like to work out (especially kickboxing) and I love nature. I find being outdoors rejuvenating. It allows me to reconnect with the little things life has to offer, the aspects that go unnoticed when rushing from point A to point B. Such as the feeling of the sun on my face, hearing the birds chirping and feeling the wind rustle my hair. 

So it should be of little surprise when I say that I love hiking. However, the Netherlands is not the easiest country to do that in. So when I can, I go to the Alps to recharge. Why? Because I love that feeling you get when you hike up a mountain. It’s exhausting but it’s also freeing. It gives me a sense of accomplishment while bringing life down to the basics. You need to survive. So just focus on putting one foot in front of the other, eating and staying hydrated. That’s it.

If you weren’t a content writer, what would you be doing?

I have two plans: one dream career and a Plan B for if everything goes wrong. In another life, I would be a hiking, climbing or Via Ferrata instructor somewhere in the Alps. Probably the Dolomites region in Italy. I love being out in nature and the feeling of freedom you get when you hike up a mountain. It makes me feel alive while calming me all at once. And that’s something I’d love to share with others.

If the apocalypse hits and all else fails, I plan to become a sheepherder in the Scottish Highlands. Having visited that region once, I find the nature there stunning. Although the weather and the elements are very harsh. I would be content with taking care of animals, maintaining a lovely stone hut with a large fireplace and just doing my thing. Sticking to the basics that life has to offer.

If you are interested and would like to ask Livia a question, feel free to email her at livia@wild-digital.com. Or connect with her on LinkedIn

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