We are delighted to introduce you to Stijn—the newest member of our team. Since starting back in January, he's calmly settled in the studio and demonstrated his craftsmanship in user experience design and user interface design. Two projects into his time at Wild Digital, there's no doubt that we've found a great new addition to the team.

How did you land a role at Wild Digital?

I was looking around for a new opportunity, one which would help me grow as a designer. Then one day, I got talking to my football teammate Julian about it. Obviously, he was already working at Wild Digital and told me about a vacancy there. Despite not entirely having the required experience, I decided to apply and got invited for a job interview. After a few interesting conversations, we've concluded that Wild Digital and I were a match!

What were you doing before you joined Wild Digital?

Before joining the team here, I worked as a UX/UI Designer at Human Insight, a company that created and developed digital assessment tools focused on sustainable growth and performance. I enjoyed my time there, but then COVID-19 happened. But to be honest, the time was right to take the next step in my career.

What's the best thing about working at Wild Digital so far?

What attracted me was the working environment. I'm surrounded by ambitious and energetic people who focus on providing the best service and creative solution for clients. I really like the vibe in the office. One minute, everyone will be in the flow doing their thing, and the next, we'll all be laughing because someone had a funny story to tell. And besides that, everyone is open to helping you and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Since starting back in January, I've worked on multiple different projects. Ranging from a company that sells high-quality design doors to a precious metals broker that sells gold and silver. Each project is diverse and requires a different area of expertise. For example, in the beginning, you'll map out the brand strategy and then move towards the visual and user experience design. The end result will be a whole new brand identity and digital product.

Top 3 tips for graduates looking for a career in digital design?

If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice, it would be to gain as much working experience at digital agencies as possible. In doing so, you'll work on many different projects and alongside other designers that you can bounce ideas off of and learn from. You'll grow so much faster as a young professional. Try to document your journey, take notes and write down your design process. Why? Because you'll start to see patterns and recognise similar challenges that a client is facing. Ultimately, you'll be better suited to helping clients and improve your decision-making. And always ask for constructive feedback; it's insightful and will make you challenge yourself. You can always learn from another designer. Stay curious, ask questions, learn from your mistakes and try to do better next time.

Stijn de Willigen - Digital Designer Wild Digital

If you weren't a Digital Designer, what would you be doing?

In another life, I would have loved to be a ski or snowboard instructor somewhere in The Alps. Obviously, I'd be specialised in 'après-ski'... Since I can remember, we'd always go off skiing and snowboarding with family and friends. I absolutely love it and being on the slopes. There's nothing better than starting the day on the slopes with some fresh snow, in the sun and ending the day with your friends while enjoying a beer, with good food and having a bit of banter.

How about outside the office, what do you get up to?

I often wonder if I was born in the wrong country. I really enjoy being in the mountains, and Holland is as flat as a pancake. Next to snowboarding, I like all sorts of outdoor activities—via ferrata, canoeing and mountain biking especially. When home, I tend to go for the occasional run and play football. I'm often with my friends hanging out or doing something, whether playing board games or watching football or a film. Finally, I like cooking; it's a great way to express your inner creative self.

If you are interested and would like to ask Stijn a question. Feel free to email him at stijn@wild-digital.com. Or connect with him on LinkedIn. He's also on Dribbble.

We're always open to new creative talent. If reading this has left you feeling inspired, then send us an email with your portfolio to careers@wild-digital.com

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