While facing the challenges of the food waste world, start-up Orbisk picked Wild Digital to help them support growth by future-proofing the brand and website design. We will refine the existing content to create a coherent brand story that we’ll showcase on an inspiring new digital experience.

Only two-thirds of the food that is produced worldwide is actually consumed. In professional kitchens, this represents an average of twenty thousand kilos of food waste per year. These statistics got Orbisk concerned. The ambitious company is combatting unnecessary CO2 emissions by helping hospitality companies decrease their food waste by up to 50%. On top of that, the organisations they cooperate with can save as much as 8% on procurement costs. But how? Introducing Orbi, an advanced plug-and-play food waste monitor with AI technology that automatically detects and records the ingredients that are being thrown away. Orbisk's revolutionary and easily implementable monitor analyses the data and provides hospitality owners and managers with an overview of when and why the waste occurs, allowing them to optimise purchasing.

It can be hard to communicate what you exactly stand for as a company. A focussed brand story helps educate and convince your audience about your added value. After performing a website audit, we realised that Orbisk was struggling with this. So that's our starting point—formulating a concise brand story. Highlighting their purpose, the product and the benefits of accessing the data for procurement. To maximise impact, we'll create a one-pager to inspire hotel managers, restaurant managers, caterers, and chefs to get a grip on food waste in their kitchens. They have the ingredients, and we have the utensils to create a winning recipe. It is Wild Digital at its best: turning untapped value into brand value.

We are very enthusiastic to work together with Wild Digital on our new website design. We trust their expertise and professionalism as they understood the assignment right away. They share our sustainability values and the first sketches they sent were in line with our branding, vision, and mission. A really meaningful collaboration that will help us spread our message of reducing food waste on a global level.

Claudia Cyndecki Delcol, Marketing Manager at Orbisk