Wild Digital started off as a crazy idea.

I vividly remember a moment when I was freelancing. I looked up at the boring white ceiling and realised my current career path lacked motivation and fun. I was a freelance Creative Director, yet I missed the energy of working with a creative team in a creative environment. 

In that moment, I decided to launch my second Design Agency.

In retrospect, I should have potentially talked this over with my wife 😉 As it was not easy to attract new clients, build a team from scratch and keep working on projects that made me proud. What started off as a one-man agency in 2019 has evolved into a ten-person team of five different nationalities in the span of two years. And we’re just getting started.

But to be honest, 2021 was not always an easy year. From Covid-19 challenges to balancing being a Founder, Project Manager, Recruiter, Finance Director and Office Manager, this year wasn’t all smooth sailing. But, together with my team, we've achieved a lot this past year, and that’s something to be proud of! We’ve put Wild Digital on the map.

So let’s take some time to celebrate, and let’s review the year!


The year wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for Wild Digital’s tremendous team of people (thank you, thank you, thank you)! Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to do half of the work we accomplished, and most of our plants around the office would be dead. 

This year, we welcomed five new people to the team: Stijn, Livia, Emma, Edwin and Lois. We’ve grown so much that we need to look for a bigger space come 2022. 

To keep delivering high-quality work, it was necessary to build out our own development team. This process started when Emma joined the Wild side. Having moved here from the UK, she started a traineeship to become a Front-End Developer. During this time, Edwin joined the team. As an experienced Creative Developer, he brought in more expertise. Together, they form our core dev team and enable us to develop and deploy our designs in-house. (But we’re eager to grow, so if you’re a developer looking for a new challenge, send me an email). 

At the same time, our design team also expanded. At the beginning of 2021, we recruited Stijn, a pixel perfectionist ready for a new challenge. With four designers in-house, we’re ready to take on bigger projects (and if you have one, you can email me 😉 )

Our Marketing team also got an upgrade. Livia and Lois aspire to run the world and put our agency on the map. They do this by writing quality content for both Wild Digital and our clients in English and Dutch. 

Putting Wild Digital on the map

Speaking of marketing, our efforts started paying off and creating a bigger impact. Because our goal is to become the next great agency, we are always thinking of new ways to put Wild Digital on the map. So apart from self-analysing and ironing out our brand and tone of voice, we also wrote and published 30 pieces of content in 2021 and published 17 LinkedIn posts. 

From blogs to client cases and new service pages, our content team is on a roll.

At the same time, we established strategic partnerships with Sortlist, MeetHugo and Emerce to welcome more opportunities.


Of course, our main priority is always to create amazing work. And I can say we did do a lot of work! In fact, we helped 15 clients across different sectors and countries achieve growth via branding, design, strategy and development.

So let’s delve into it.

Avant sanare

To bolster Avant sanare’s position in the mental health industry, we strengthened their brand identity, came up with a brand strategy and redesigned their website. Enabling the company to communicate the right message with its target audience and making their brand more future-proof at the same time. (Disclaimer, this project has been a work in progress since 2020).

Doijer & Kalff

Investing in gold and silver should be possible, accessible and understandable for all generations. We updated Doijer & Kalff’s brand identity, website, and investment dashboard to make this vision a reality. Ensuring that the Netherland’s most dependable investment partner could offer everyone a modern investment experience.

European Consumers Centre

To celebrate their 15 year anniversary in style, the European Consumer Centre reach out to us. We designed a quality and personalised email campaign. As well as organising an online event for all ECC members to enjoy, together.

FC Straat

Together with one of the biggest sports influencer’s, Soufiane Touzani, we created the largest online football club in the Netherlands. We achieved this by designing a digital ecosystem from the ground up and connecting it to his offline community of street-soccer-enthusiasts. 

Homebake Bread

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? One of the top bakeries in Europe, Delifrance, needed a new website. By paring a custom front-end with the Sanity CMS, we delivered a fresh looking homepage that’s ready for future developments.  

Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group empowers recruiters to help them find the right talent. We strengthened their brand identity and designed a new website for a leader in the field of recruitment data to give hiring managers around the world a better experience.


Leadinfo has global ambitions. To help them achieve their international goals, we brainstormed a new brand strategy and positioning and designed a website in seven different languages reflecting their best-in-class software.

MSK Podiamed

Even in the B2B sector, a smooth user experience and intuitive design are important. For a leading Dutch beautician wholesaler, MSK Podiamed, we designed an easy to use website and built a headless e-commerce platform that could host more than 8,000 products. 

Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina’s photography strikes a balance between fine art and commercial photography. We helped bring his images to life in a digital manner by sharpening his visual identity and creating a new website that does not compete with his work. But instead places his photography as the centrepiece. 


Together with NuBuiten, we provided outdoor enthusiasts with an updated digital experience. How? By defining a new look and feel for their brand and expressing this updated identity via a new website design that resonates with their target audience. 

Plafondhoge Deur

Simon Maree transforms doors, everyday objects into eye-catching items. We translated that vision into digital elements. From an e-commerce platform to a  highly customisable product configurator, we designed the brand and a matching website.


When you’re changing the skylines of cities in The Netherlands, you want a website that reflects that. So we helped QWA do just that. From branding to strategy formation to design, we delivered new brand values, a logo and website that is unique and timeless, much like their imprint on a city’s skyline. 


UbiOps helps data scientists and engineers bring their code to life. To better convey this message and increase their conversion rate, we redesigned the brand’s homepage and product pages in a way that resonates with their buyer persona’s. 


Maximising your asset performance sounds pretty good, right? UReason helps you do just that. To solidify their status as a leader in their field, we updated the company's brand story and redesigned their marketing platform. Enabling the brand to further connect and engage with users and bring in more leads. 

In addition, we’ve recently started working with three new clients: MCB Millieu & Techniek, Orbisk and Sterrenstof. Stayed tuned in the next few months for launch announcements and client case studies. 

Fun times happened too

We work hard, but we also enjoy breaking away from our desks and celebrating life and our achievements. So this year, we held a Wild Team Day, had drinks with a few clients to celebrate go-live events, in addition to indulging in some ordinary and a few extraordinary Friday evening drinks.

Wild Digital Team Day

This year, we hosted our first ever Wild Team Day. For this, we carpooled to an outdoor activity park. Some of us took the direct route. Others of us took a more scenic route and arrived thirty minutes later. Regardless, we made it. 

Apart from chatting about Wild’d progression and aligning on company priorities and goals for the upcoming year, we also learned about each of our communication styles and shot at each other with rubber-tipped arrows. No worries, no one was permanently hurt; this was an organised activity. 

Looking ahead

2021 was a good year. The goal for 2022 is to pick up the pace. How? We’ll start by redesigning our website and relaunching it in both English and Dutch in the first few weeks of 2022.

Next to that, we also plan on further expanding our team. Our first addition will be a Project Manager. And as our team expands, we’ll look for a new office space to move into. 

A bigger team means more time and energy to tackle client projects. We have a few plans in the pipeline already and are excited to tackle even bigger challenges in 2022. 

However, 2022 won’t be about only work. We plan to organise two Wild Team Days, host a few more office parties and kick off a Learning Lunch initiative during which we can share either company updates or project learnings. 

Cheers to another successful year and again a big thanks to the team and all our clients and partners that have put their trust in Wild Digital!