Helping people find the right mental health care. 

Avant sanare consists of 25+ experts that help people in the Rotterdam area improve their mental health and achieve behavioural change. They reached out to us to create a new website and brand for 2020. They believe in a personal and positive approach and wanted the new website and brand to communicate these values.

Services include Visual Identity, User Interface Design (UI/UX), Development, Online Marketing, Content Production.


Building a smart & future proof platform.

The biggest challenge was to create an information structure that keeps maintaining the website easy and manageable. The previous website didn't have a clear and thought-out structure. This meant the added content over the years made it a tangled web of information. If it isn’t clear where new content should be added, it probably isn’t clear for the user where to find it..


Guiding the user through the information.

On average users only read up to 1/5 of the text on a page. We tackled this challenges by making pages more scannable by using visual cues that bundle parts of information together.


Creating a trustworthy brand.

Avant sanare asked us to improve their brand. The most common reason people won't do business with a company is a lack of trust. That's why it is important to clearly state what you can offer and have a visual identity that complements this promise. 


We modernised the logo while maintainig the hand-written look and feel. Rounded corners and a slightly upright sloped make it feel friendly and positive.


We use a circle to capture the logo since a circle is friendly and easily appliable. We made the circle imperfect though, to match the clients who often struggle with achieving 'perfection'.



Imagery such as photos have the ability to quickly share the emotion that you want your customers to feel when they get in touch with your brand.

The customers of Avant sanare often face quite private matters so the personal touch of Avant sanare is a key value in winning over customers. 

We wanted to portray the experts as friendly and inviting to the customer, reassuring Avant sanare can help them overcome their challenges.


We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Got an idea? Get in touch. We'd love to hear your thoughts! 😘

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