An unforgettable digital experience for footballers around the world

Together with Pionect, we created an entire digital ecosystem from the ground up with freestyle footballer Soufiane Touzani. From design systems to an e-commerce platform, we helped bring to life the biggest online football club in the Netherlands. 



The famous Dutch-Moroccan footballer, Soufiane Touzani, rose to popularity via his YouTube channel. What started off as a convenient medium to showcase his freestyle abilities has transformed into a large-scale global production platform with an audience of almost one million. 

As his fame grew, Touzani wanted to go beyond uploading videos to being able to directly help street footballers worldwide. This idea lead to the birth of FC Straat, an online football club whose mission is to elevate its member’s performance. 

Soufiane's vision

Going beyond YouTube

The footballer needed help to make this vision a reality, so he turned to Wild Digital for help. Together, we build an interactive digital ecosystem from the ground up that enables fans to lose themselves in the world of street football.

However, this environment needed to be up and running in no time. Given that Touzani had clear branding values in place, we used design sprints to swiftly build and launch a basic online ecosystem where members could create profiles and access video tutorials.


Building an ecosystem

A platform to attract users

Touzani aimed to personally help football players around the world. So the platform is engulfed in a more immersive online football experience which comprises of a landing page, a signup funnel, and personalised player profiles with your very own player card. These profiles enable users to access exclusive video content revolving around training, nutrition but also relaxation. From enticing to explaining, the additional pages boosted FC Straat’s online presence and provided more depth to the user browsing experience.


Design Systems

Telling a story in a consistent manner

Touzani already had an established and mature brand, so the client's style briefing and preferences were pretty straightforward. Thus, after mapping out his brand positioning, we developed a set of brand principles and assets which defined how FC Straat should look, move and sound across all channels. This library of reusable components will continue to grow as the digital environment does. Still, it allows us to develop new features at a quicker pace while ensuring consistency and uniformity.

From idea to reality

A platform that reflects Touzani’s vision

Touzani didn’t only want to provide players with tangible tips and tricks; he also aspired to provide players with tools, supplements and swag to elevate their in-game performance. So using the established design system, we rapidly built an e-commerce platform using Pionect, Daalder.io. 

This bare framework allowed us to achieve the FC Straat look and feel, implement all the necessary functionalities whilst reducing our development time.



Creating the biggest online football club in The Netherlands

All-in-one community, video and E-Commerce platform

Within the first 6 months:

17,958 users

have signed up and become members of the FC Straat community, making it the largest football club in the Netherlands.


With the user base growing on a daily basis, so is the engagement rate:


of users are finding value in the platform and are actively interacting with it.


"I strongly recommend Wild Digital to everyone interested in running a successful online business! They are fun to work with—approachable, authentic and ready to step in and help when needed."
- Touzani

Founder TouzaniFC & FC Straat


This is just the beginning

Building digital and physical communities

The steps described above are just the first of many to create a full-scale online environment for members to improve their football capabilities. The next step? Building and implementing a team feature that empowers members to create teams amongst themselves, providing users with a community to hold them accountable and practice with.


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