01  — Brand Strategy & Positioning

02 — Brand Identity

03 — User Experience Design (UX)

04 — User Interface & Web Design (UI)

05 — Customer Journey Mapping

06 — Website Development

Leadinfo specialises in B2B lead generation software and one of the fastest-growing scale-ups in the Netherlands. Looking for an agency to help them with their brand strategy and positioning and build a fantastic looking and overall better-performing website—they reached out to Wild Digital. 

Founded in 2014, Leadinfo has swiftly risen to the top and become a leader in lead generation software. However, they aim to be more than just another SaaS company—they want to support B2B brands along the entire sales journey by continuously crafting and implementing various features and add-ons. As one of the fastest-growing scale-ups in the Netherlands, their eyes are on international expansion and growth.

So they were looking for a new marketing platform that highlighted their goals and ambitions. A website that conveyed their personality and mission, vision, and values without the need for words— one which told their story in a better and more compelling way. With the new brand strategy mapped out, we designed the new brand and visual style to strengthen their brand positioning. Finally, we optimised the website’s customer journey by crafting a compelling user experience design with a special focus on improving conversions. 
Leadinfo's website is now available in seven different languages and they noticed the impact of effective design with 200% since the launch.


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